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By Anna Lynn C. Sibal ©2006

Nicole Kidman picture perfect

Technology is great. There are a number of software out there that can take your photo, let you add some, cut away some, make a few stretches, adjust colors, and then voila! Your image is picture perfect.

Anyone can look photogenic with a few tweaks on any photo editing software. Because pictures can last a lifetime, can create lasting impressions, and can make or break careers, a lot of people go through various means to make sure that they look good when they face the camera, and that the resulting snapshot is to their liking. Retouching the photograph is often the way to go.

But what is not commonly known is that anyone can look smashingly gorgeous on a photograph without subjecting it to any photo-editing technique.

So, what are the secrets to becoming picture perfect? Read on and learn some of them...

Your Makeup.
A shiny face due to the skin's oil secretions does not look nice and says a lot about your neatness. It looks even worse on a photograph because it reflects the light. To minimize the shine, avoid using makeup that shimmer or have a shiny texture on the face. Use a matte finish foundation as base for your makeup and dab face powder on your skin to set the makeup and minimize the shine. Try to keep your colors not too bright or vivid, because they will look jarring on the photograph. Medium-color eye shadow works for this purpose. To keep everything neat on your face, use longer-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof cosmetics. Also, put lip balm or lip cream on before applying your lipstick, and opt for a cream-formula lipstick with a medium shade.

Your Hair.
The basic thing to do to achieve picture-perfect hair is to wash your hair and make sure it is clean before appearing for a photo shoot. If you are going to have it styled, make sure that the hairstyle complements your face, and avoid funky hairstyles that will make your head seem wider or smaller than it actually is. Avoid pulling your hair back too much as well unless you wish to appear older on the photograph. Go for the natural look and try not to use styling products that will make your hair stand stiffly. If your hair is dyed or highlighted and you are going to retouch it before your photo shoot, choose a color that looks nice against your complexion.

Your Clothes.
The outfit that you ought to wear for your photo shoot should complement your figure. Choose a number that enhances your figure, with a neckline that complements your face. Do not wear colors that do not suit you, and completely avoid patterns on your clothes that are too bold, too bright or too large. These patterns are the ones that will float on the photograph, rather than your face and person. Never wear white for a photo shoot unless you are a bride on your wedding day, because white will make you look larger and will draw attention from your face. Also, do not be afraid to accessorize. A bit of jewelry and trinkets though not too much will lend style and elegance to your person on your photograph.

Your Smile.
Pearly white teeth are much desired when smiling for the camera. Use teeth whitener or see your dentist for this. Also, when you smile for the camera, smile as if you are in love. Think of the person that you love before the camera clicks. Or if you do not have someone right now, think of something funny. Your smile and your eyes will glow in a lovely way on the photograph.

A picture paints a thousand words and a face can launch a thousand ships as literary adages would have it. Make yourself picture-perfect. It is not so hard to do and you will love the results.

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