Quick Fixes For Your Hair

Five minute and five second quick fixes for hair

By Kathryn M. D'Imperio

Did you ever have one of those days when you really just didn't feel like doing anything with your hair? Ponytails live for these days! But even though they may be the quickest, easiest and most common fix for hairstyle fatigue, a few new accessories in your arsenal could really give your hairdo a lift! We've all got our favorite brushes and combs, a few hair ties and probably some neat barrettes. But when it comes to facile fashion, are you clued in?

Five seconds...

For the least maintenance possible, you can always toss your tresses back into a ponytail with an elastic band, a rubber band, a scrunchie or other hair ties. Just as quickly and just as easily, you can also introduce a new look with a headband! Once you brush your hair straight or work with your curls, you can gently slide a headband on for a new look. Very convenient and easy to use, any woman can benefit from a headband, no matter how short or long her hair might be.

Another quick fix works especially well when you don't have the time to dry your hair. A decorative hairpin that is about three or four inches in length will work wonders for your hair. First squeeze any remaining water from your hair with a towel. Next, brush your hair flat against your head and pull it toward the nape of your neck, almost as if you're trying to create a low ponytail. Now twist your hair tightly in the same direction and twirl it around into a mock bun. Finally, take the hairpin and stick it through your hair, making sure the style feels strong and securely fastened. While there seem to be a lot of instructions for this style, it truly only takes about 10 to 30 seconds to produce, depending on how well you like your first and second attempts. You can also replicate this style with a set of decorative chopsticks for hair.

Five minutes...

If you're planning a special night out – a date, a formal event or a girls' night to a club or bar – you'll probably care more about your hair than if you're just going to the supermarket, the library or running some other errands. For a beautiful yet simple style, first twist your hair atop your head and secure it there with a claw clip. Using a curling iron, create gentle spiral curls with the lengths of hair that stick out from the clip. You might want to spray a little gel or hairspray to keep the style before letting your hair down. Once you have added a nice display of curls, remove the clip and let your hair fall as it may. You'll have pretty waves and gentle curls dusting your shoulders and your back in no time!

If you know how to braid hair, you merely need to add your own creativity to produce a beautiful and unique hairstyle. For a retro look, part your hair directly down the center. If your hair is long enough in the front, make three “microbraids” on each side of your head, starting at your hairline, just outside the part. Once you've created the braids, pull them toward the back of your head and fasten them together with a small elastic band or a tiny barrette. If your hair is not long enough for this style, consider braiding two pigtails down either side of your head for a youthful look.

If you see some accessories at the store that appeal to you, consider picking out a few to try at home. Hair scarves, claw clips, headbands, elastic bands, standard clip barrettes and hairpins are fairly easy to use and they look beautiful in a number of styles. Don't be discouraged if you aren't completely familiar with certain hair accessories or styles. The biggest part of designing a beautiful hairstyle is listening to your creative intuitions!

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