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  • 1. Start at the center of the nail and wiping toward the tip when removing old nail polish.
  • 2. Use a cuticle remover cream instead of cutting your delicate skin.
  • 3. Always file in one direction. The nails weaken and break easily if you nail it back and forth motion.
  • 4. Buffing is good on your nails it boosts circulation and encourages nail growth.
  • 5. The right way of mixing your polish is rolling the bottle between your palms. Shaking it will cause air bubbles.
  • 6. Use a base coat before your color applying it same way with your nail polish.
  • Make sure that the first coat is completely dry before applying the second coat to prevent formation of bubbles.
  • 8. To remove excess or slip- ups. Use a wooden cuticle remover and make sure the polish is dry.
  • 9. Avoid direct contact with chemicals and some household products. Always use gloves.
  • 10. Use a hand moisturizer in the morning and in the evening.

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