Sunless Tanning Self Tanning

By Beverly Smith

Suntanning and tanning salons cause damage to your skin which can accumulate throughout the years making your skin look older and more susceptible to skin cancer. A healthier alternative is self-tanning.
Self-tanning products work by darkening the skin through a chemical reaction whan they come in contact with dead skin cells and do not damage healthy skin cells as the sun and uv light does.
Before buying a new self tanner, test swipe or spray - this will give you an idea about the color before your purchase. For best results, scrub your skin in the shower with a loofah. Wait until your skin is dry before applying the self tanner.

Moisturize your body after the shower and wait until skin dries - this will give a nice subtle look.
Use a light or medium shade tanner because it's easier to darken a tan than lighten it.
When you apply the tanner, use it sparingly on your toes and around the ankles to prevent blotches.
Remember that thick skinned areas such as elbows and kness absorb more than other parts of your body, so do not apply too much there.

Apply a mixture of self-tanner and body lotion to those rough areas.
To maintain your tan, apply a light layer every three to four days and don't forget to moisturize your skin regularly.

Tanning Lotion:
Best for dry skin because they contain hydrating ingredients. Lotions tend to last longer as they contain more concentrated pigments.
When applying a tanning lotion, use a quarter-sized amount at a time. Massage it in with long strokes.

Tanning Gel:
Gels are best for oily skin. They glide on smoothly and will not clog pores or cause breakouts because they are light and non-greasy.
Apply just like tanning lotions.

Tanning Sprays:
These are best for first time tanners. Tanning sprays give a natural, nice look, and as long as you spray in long, even strokes, application is very easy and smooth. TIP: Sprays are great for correcting blotches caused by other tanning products.
When applying, hold spray nozzle at least six inches from your skin. After spraying, use your hand to distribute it evenly.

Tanning Mousse
They provide instant gratification. Tanning mousse offers the most control over the amount used because you can see immediate results.
Use a golf-ball size amount at a time, apply in vertical, then horizontal strokes for even distribution.

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